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2015 President’s Cup Results

The 2014 President’s Cup came down to Chase Talbert and RJ Quillinan on the 18th Hole. RJ was able to pull off the victory with a beautiful chip shot that almost fell in the cup to seal the victory in the playoff on #18. Congratulations to RJ and all of our flight winners!

President’s Cup Champion: RJ Quillinan

Flight1: 1st Wayne Wright 2nd Danny Bridges

Flight 2: 1st Ted Dudley 2nd Bob Cultra

Flight 3: 1st Art Archambault 2nd Joe Muller

Flight 4: 1st David Kane 2nd Curnis King

Flight 5: 1st John Katsaras 2nd Jim Thompson

Flight 6: 1st Joe Bennett 2nd Don Ford

Flight 7: 1st Cam Wills 2nd Steve Rotta

Flight 8: 1st Chase Talbert 2nd Larry Taylor

Flight 9: 1st RJ Quillinan 2nd Bart Branan




2015 Super Bowl – Greg Smith Memorial Tournament Results

1st Place – 54 Nelson Moody/Penny Moody

2nd Place (Tie) – 58 Steve Thompson/Harry Reimer
58 Dave Carlton/Chris Short

4th Place (Tie) – 59 Joe Delcollo/Cam Wills
59 Brian Lott/Doug Potter

6th Place – 60 Keith Hess/Milt Hess

7th Place (Tie) – 61 Steve Rotta/Dave Towry
61 Bob Burns/Doug Warner

CTP Winners:
– Larry Hedaa
– Jimmy Gibson
– Shane Duffy
– Ernie Crosby


2015 Bloody Mary Tournament Results

1st Place: Cam Wills, Steve Thompson, Pete Fischette, Danny Bridges
2nd Place: George Parker, Rick Kellett, Harry Reimer, Trey Simmons
3rd Place: Doug Potter, Donnette Potter, Tom Cardwell, Brian Lott
4th Place: Scott Dehbozorgi, Ben Pait, Jason Scott, Ryan Straup
5th Place: Eddie McSwain, Roy Jackson, Hugh Kight, Chiaki Kight
6th Place: Nelson Moody, Penny Moody, Bob Myer, Carol Myer
7th Place: Roger Meadows, Sam Hilton, R. Hilton, Todd Carson
8th Place: Fred Holland, Ed New, Gary Duty, Vern Bennett

CTP’s #4 – Jake Wexler
#7 – Doug Potter
#12 – Cam Wills
#16 – Ryan Straup


2014 Men’s Member Guest

Overall Low Gross & Low Net – Marion Hair & David Clark

Flight 1

1st Clinton Shuler & Todd Manley
2nd Phil Gray & Jamie Massalon

Flight 5

1st Steve Thompson & Wil Cockrill
2nd Richard McDaniel & Ron Zambaldi

Flight 2

1st Marion Hair & David Clark
2nd Doug Potter & Jeff Fuquay

Flight 6

1st Don Ford & Jason Bousquet
2nd Joe Muller & Rob Muller

Flight 3

1st Ernie Crosby & Kenny Boyd
2nd Ken Roof & Will Parks

Flight 7

1st Bill Hoyt & Tres Hoyt
2nd Danny Bridges & Ricky McLeod

Flight 4

1st Nick Anderson & RC Jones
2nd Wayne Wright & Ron Davis

Flight 8

1st Ron Christopher & Tyler George
2nd Bill King & Pat McGuire

Closest To The Pin Winners
Day 1
Bill Hoyt
Doug Warner
John Katsaras
Tommy Carpenter

Day 2
Clinton Shuler
Marion Hair
Cam Wills
Bob Burns

2014 Club Championship Results

Men’s Low Gross Champion – Bart Branan

Senior Low Gross Champion – Blake Raney

Super Senior Low Gross Champion – Blake Raney

Ladies Low Gross Champion – Alison Gianakas

Ladies Low Net Champion – Sherri Hair

Net Flight Winners

Men’s Flight #1

Bart Brannan

Cam Wills

Super Seniors Flight #1

Jack Whiddon

Richard McDaniel

Men’s Flight #2

Colin Frazier

Kyle Bibler

Super Seniors Flight #2

Wayne Wright

Fred Holland

Men’s Flight #3

Ryan Stonaker

Marty Carsner

Super Seniors Flight #3

Art Archambault

John Secrest

Men’s Flight #4

CJ Rafferty

Andrew Smith

Ladies Flight #1

Donna Woodward

Trish Dorner

Senior Flight #1

Blake Raney

Phil Gray

Ladies Flight #2

Dollie Byrd-Rogers

Kathryn Pointer

Senior Flight #2

Marty Carsner

Rick Kellett

Senior Flight #3

Joe Bowler

Ernie Crosby

Senior Flight #4

Ed New

Rick Willders

2014 President’s Cup Results


The 2014 President’s Cup came down to Clinton Shuler and Fred Holland on the 18th Hole.  Clinton was able to pull off the victory with a solid par that included an approach shot to within 15 feet of the flagstick.  Congratulations to Clinton and all of our flight winners!

President’s Cup Champion:  Clinton Shuler

1st Rick Kellett
2nd Art Archambault

Flight 2:
1st Fred Holland
2nd Ryan Stonaker

Flight 3:
1st Bob Burns
2nd Harry Reimer

Flight 4:
1st Ron Christopher
2nd Rusty Neal

Flight 5:
1st Clinton Shuler
2nd Jack Whiddon

Flight 6:
1st Steve Rotta
2nd Rich Keenum

Flight 7:
1st Wayne Wright
2nd Ernie Crosby

Flight 8:
1st Michael Bowers
2nd Marty Carsner

Flight 9:
1st Marion Hair
2nd Don Ford



Curnis King/Andrew Smith


1ST Blake Raney/Brad Miller

2ND George Parker/Jim Thompson

3rd Bob Burns/Joe Muller


1ST Harry Reimer/Rich Keenum

2ND Billy Deweese/Doc Shoaff

3rd John Bowler/Tom Cardwell


1ST Joe Bowler/Matt Bowler

2ND Dave Towry/Wayne Wright

3rd Joe Fanning/Rusty Neal


1ST Curnis King/Andrew Smith

2ND Bill Hoyt/Mike Friason

3rd Matt Jackson/Darren Gambrill

Saturday Sunday
#4 – John Katsaras #4 – Marion Hair
#7 – Tom Cardwell #7 – Darren Gambrill
#12 – Marion Hair #12 – Keith Hess
#16 – Fred Holland #16 – Joe Muller



Brad MillerCurnis King

Wayne Wright

Bob Morley


Blake RaneyErnie Crosby

Joe Muller

Al Byrd


John KatsarasChris Craven

Doc Shoaff

Jim Rhinebeck



Marion HairEddie Craine

Steve Hamby

Bob Myer

ThirdMarty Carsner

Todd Larry

Pete Fischette

Bill Hoyt

SeventhRJ Quillinan

Steve Rotta

Joe Bennett

David Lee

Fourth Doug Potter

Don Ford

Jack Whiddon

Art Archambault

EighthChase Talbert

Scott Moreland

Darren Gambrill

Roy Jackson

CTP WinnersBlake Raney

Bob Burns

Doc Shoaff

John Katsaras

2014 Super Bowl – Greg Smith Memorial Tournament Results

1st Place

57 Ron Christopher/Riley Boyette

2nd Place (Tie)

59 Pete Fischette/Kyle Bibler

59 Mike Bowers/David Kane

59 Schelley Carlton/Glenn Wells

5th Place (Tie)

60 Steve Thompson/Ernie Crosby

60 Bob Burns/Doug Warner

7th Place (Tie)

61 Larry Hedaa/Steve Hamby

61 Jamie Massalon/Phil Gray

61 Mike Kelly/Dave Towry

10th Place (Tie)

62 Steve Rotta/Rick Willders

62 Stacy Redman/Chris Craven

12th Place (Tie)

63 Trish McDermott/Skeeter Brown

63 Bob Bowen/Wayne Lodge

63 Ryan Stonaker/Graciono Tuppil

63 Roger Williams/Al Cooper

63 Martha Wright/Wayne Wright

63 Chris Short/Dave Carlton

63 John Katsaras/Bill Hoyt



First Fifth
Bob Myer Scott Dehbozorgi
Carol Myer Ben Pait
Jim Rhinebeck Jason Scott
Shary Rhinebeck Matt Carros
Second Sixth
Chris Craven Cam Wills
Scott Moreland Rick Kellett
Mike Kelly Trey Simmons
Matt Jackson Pete Fishchette
Third Seventh
Ken Partlow Mark Rice
Roy Jackson Robin Phillips
Dave Towry George Phillips
Richard Hedrick Darren Phillips
Fourth Eighth
Clinton Shuler Mike Durden
Jack Gooch Darren Gambrill
RJ Quillinan Keith McDermott
Chase Talbert Trish McDermott
CTP Winners
Men Ladies
Matt Carros Donna Woodward
Scott Dehbozorgi Trish McDermott
Roy Jackson Gayle McDaniel
Scott Dehbozorgi

2014 Bloody Mary Tournament Results

1st Place: Doug Potter, Donnette Potter, Tom Cardwell, Brian Lott
2nd Place: Brad Miller, Todd Larry, Rick Kellett, Jeff Fuquay
3rd Place: Art Archambault, Penny Moody, Bob Myer, Carol Myer
4th Place: Mike Durden, Darren Gambrill, Chris Craven, Matt Jackson
5th Place: Ben Pait, Scott Dehbozorgi, Jason Scott, Ryan Straup
6th Place: Bill King, Jeannie King, Harold Blum, Neal Diez
7th Place: Alison Gianakas, John Gianakas, Yancey Methvien, Tom Leap
8th Place: Keith Hess, Milt Hess, John Hassell, Rich Keenum

#4 – Ed New
#7 – Rob Verhuel
#12 – Marty Carsner
#16 – Rich Keenum

2013 Member/Member Results

Blakeney Jackson/Ryan Stonaker

1ST Cam Wills/Rick Kellett
2ND Brad Miller/Doug Potter

1ST Keith Hess/Joe DelCollo
2ND Todd Larry/George Parker

1ST Blakeney Jackson/Ryan Stonaker
2ND Fred Holland/Gary Duty

1ST Marty Carsner/Bob Morley
2ND Harold Blum/Niel Diez

1ST Trey Simmons/David Belding
2ND Art Archambault/David Lee

2013 Men’s Member Guest

Overall Low Gross – Cam Wills & Jeff Fuquay

Overall Low Net – Danny Bridges & Forrest Norvell

Flight 1

1st Cam Wills & Jeff Fuquay

2nd Brian Lott & John Leviner

Flight 5

1st Danny Bridges & Forrest Norvell

2nd Tom Cardwell & David Call

Flight 2

1st Marty Carsner & Hank Welch

2nd Ron Christopher & Riley Boyette

Flight 6

1st Ken Roof & Simba Tuppil

2nd Don Ford & Charlie Coe

Flight 3

1st Kyle Bibler & Preston Bibler

2nd Chris Craven & David Hoyt

Flight 7

1st Mark Evans & Seth Evans

2nd Joe Bennett & Tres Bennett

Flight 4

1st Michael Bowers & Dave Olsen

2nd Tom Boyce & Brad Brisson

Closest To The Pin Winners

Day 1

Brian Lott
Steve Hamby
Jeff Traylor
Hank Welch

Day 2

Tom Cardwell
Brian Rawl
Hank Welch
Jeff Fuquay

2013 Club Championship Results

Men’s Low Gross Champion – Patrick Ging

Senior Low Gross Champion – Keith Hess

Super Senior Low Gross Champion – Richard McDaniel

Ladies Low Gross Champion – Sherri Hair

Ladies Low Net Champion – Jane Weisman

Net Flight Winners

Men’s Flight #1

Patrick Ging

Keith Hess

Cam Wills

Kyle Bibler

Men’s Flight #2

Clinton Shuler

David Kane

Marty Carsner

Matt Kauzlaric

Men’s Flight #3

Chris Craven

Bill Hoyt

Mark Evans

Matt Oaks

Senior Flight #1

Keith Hess

Phil Gray

Marty Carsner

Blake Raney

Senior Flight #2

Mike Bowers

Mike Friason

Ed Finnerty

Joe Bennett

Super Senior Flight 1

Jim Thompson

Gary Duty

Richard McDaniel

Tony Parker

Super Senior Flight 2

Bob Morley

Harry Gray

John Secrest

Mike Arthur

Ladies Flight #1

Mikka Kjarland

Gayle McDaniel

Ladies Flight #2

Dollie Byrd-Rogers

Stacy Redman

2013 President’s Cup Results

The 2013 President’s Cup kept us on the edge of our seats, both days! Michael Bowers led the way through regulation play with a 5 match total of 40 points.

11 Players started on #10 in a quest for the cup. By birdying #18, to force a playoff, Cam Wills was crowned the 2013 President’s Cup Champion after defeating Steve Thompson in a chip off.

Congratulations to Mr. President, Cam Wills, and to all of our flight winners:

Flight1: 1st Bob BurnsFlight 2: 1st Gary Duty

Flight 3: 1st Marion Hair

Flight 4: 1st Larry Taylor

Flight 5: 1st Danny Bridges

Flight 6: 1st Cam Wills

Flight 7: 1st Michael Bowers

Flight 8: 1st Hal White

Flight 9: 1st Jack Whiddon

Flight 10: 1st Steve Thompson2nd Mike Kelly2nd Doug Potter

2nd Rick Wilders

2nd Harry Reimer

2nd Phil Gray

2nd Jim Thompson

2nd Doug Warner

2nd David Kane

2nd Todd Larry

2nd Ben Grandy

2013 Super Bowl – Greg Smith Memorial Tournament Results

1st Place (Tie) 58 Cam Wills/Joe Delcollo
  58 Nelson Moody/Penny Moody
3rd Place (Tie) 61 Richard McDaniel/Ken Roof
  61 Jack Whiddon/Wes Cherry
5th Place (Tie) 62 Steve Carroll/Jason Scott
  62 Joe Fanning/Rusty Neal
  62 Roy Suggs/Fred Welch
  62 Al Cooper/Roger Williams
9th Place (Tie) 63 Ted Dudley/Kenny Boyd
  63 Steve Rotta/Rick Wilders